And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

And the Trees Crept In - Dawn Kurtagich

This is a difficult book to review because it was a difficult book to read. Much of the story was repetitive, confusing and dreamlike and honestly I think I was too distracted at this moment in time to allow myself to fall into its world. I also had difficulty connecting to the characters. It felt like reading a pitch black fable of yore.


Here's what it's sort of about: two young girls and their aunt who are trapped in a house infected by madness. They cannot leave as the woods won’t allow it and they are slowly starving to death. There is a love interest that bravely makes his way into the house who may or may not be a nefarious character. I admit I groaned when he entered the scene because I was not in the mood for any teen angsty romance but I quickly grew to appreciate his character and it didn’t go the way I feared it might.


This book has some truly haunting images within and a reveal that makes sense of the confusion that I suffered through for most of the story. This is why I'm so afraid to DNF a book. Once in a while a book will turn around and prove me all kinds of wrong. This one did that.


If you enjoy dreamy writing and ghastly images and can go with the confusing flow, you might enjoy this as much as most of the other reviewers here did. Me? I’ll have to try again when I’m less distracted by life.