January 2019 all Wrapped Up

I posted some stuff on my blogger blog this month:

January 2019
Reviews Posted
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Ladies of Horror Fiction


The Ladies of Horror Fiction have started a new feature called LOHF Shelf Edition where we feature a blogger and show off their ladies of horror fiction shelves. You can see the first installment showing off Alex's shelves here. We'd love to show yours off too! Just leave us a comment on Alex's post and someone from LOHF will be in touch.

New Purchases/Review Copies

I used an Amazon holiday gift card to buy myself a little something. I've seen people raving about this book all over Twitter and the blogs so my hopes are high!


Patrick's not too sure about this one, haha


This book was sent in for review for my blog and LOHF courtesy of author Sonora Taylor. I'm about 80 pages in as I write this and so far it's a well written tale of a lonely little girl's evolution into a murderess.
Flame Tree Press sent me these two brand new horror novels and I'm so excited to start them!


Shudder watches this month:

I managed to get through 3/4's of the much talked about Mandy, starring a grizzled Nicholas Cage, before falling asleep during the carnage and haven't felt an undying urge to finish it up. It was so weird. I also watched Starry Eyes which was filled with some glorious body horror and is about a young starlet doing whatever it takes to become famous. My husband wasn't nearly as thrilled with it as I was.

Netflix watches this month:

Bird Box, who hasn't seen this one already? It was a nail-biter and enjoyable and I am thankful it was much different from the book which I read after the fact. They both stand on their own as similar but very different things and I recommend them both. I also watched a chilling documentary about the fashion industry and dirt cheap labor called The True Cost. I tend to keep my clothes until they fall apart but I'm going to make an effort to buy sustainable items when I need to replace something in the future and if I can't afford that I'll be hitting up thrift stores and Thred Up instead of buying new and cheap.

I hope your January reading life has been fantastic!