Come Find Me by Megan Miranda

Come Find Me - Megan Miranda

I don't know if I'm going to bother with a real review because I'm feeling lazy and don't have a lot to say and I'm just posting this because I HATE with all of my dark passion the fact that Goodreads keeps telling me that I'm 2 books behind on my reading challenge. I know, I know, already! I am reading as fast as I freaking can! Anyway, that's why I wrote this, haha.

I requested this from Overdrive thinking it was another secret filled thriller about awful people doing awful things - as they usually do but that wasn't this book. I doubt I even read the blurb because the cover fooled me so much. Doesn't it look like one of those types of books? Is it just me? 

Anyhow, this one does have secrets but it's a young adult novel about two teens whose lives have been shattered by tragic events and there's a signal (aliens!? I was hoping for aliens or at least a visit from Fox Mulder) that calls to them and tells them things and also brings them together. They have two mysteries to solve and fall in love during the process. It was decently written and engaging enough on audio and the dual narrators did great work but it wasn't quite the book I thought it was going to be and it didn't connect with me on an emotional level which is strange considering the tragedies hanging over both of their lives. I felt no feelings which is a shame. There was also way too much going on and it got bogged down and was a wee bit of mess there for a bit. One mystery would've been plenty. Thus it's getting a three from the likes of me.