The Invited by Jennifer McMahon

The Invited - Jennifer McMahon

I read roughly half of this story before throwing in the towel. I don't do this lightly but I've come to the conclusion that life is far too short to struggle with a book that doesn't mesh with me. It started off on the wrong foot and never improved. I have worked in the construction industry most of my entire working life and found the fact that two teachers building a two story house BY THEMSELVES (oh, with the help of a preteen girl) with their vast knowledge of YouTube videos, Habitat for Humanity weekends, manuals, Google-fu and "working with dad back in the day" incredibly ridiculous and unbelievable. But that's not why I quit. I quit because I was dragging myself back to the book every day and unable to read more than a few pages at a time because I found it all very predictable and dull. Maybe it picks up in the second half but I'll never know.


I'm not rating this for obvious reasons. If you've never read a haunted house book before you might have better luck than I did with this one.


Thank you to Doubleday Publishing for providing me with an ARC. I wish I would've loved it but not all books are for all readers.