A Map Of The Dark by Karen Ellis

A Map of the Dark - Karen Ellis

This is a classic three star read for me. It's a thriller about a missing teenager and Elsa, the FBI agent who is assigned to the case. It was decent, it wasn't boring but it also wasn't super compelling. I guessed one turn of events early on and that made me sad and tells me either the plotting could've been better OR I've finally reached the point where I've read enough of these that I can now figure things out (that is probably not the case, haha). There was a nifty dark twist at the end that I hadn't thought of so that was fun. The characters were all a bit flawed which always makes a read far more interesting if you're asking me BUT the main character has major issues with her past and those issues and thoughts and forays into the past seemed to take up more page space than the main story which made the main mystery seem a little like an afterthought at times.

This is book 1 of a series and I will dig into book #2 if I'm able to find a copy at my library as I did this one. Maybe now that we know all of Elsa's backstory the next one can actually focus on the mystery.


I did not read the blurb which is my preferred method of doing things with audios I grab from Overdrive. These are my thoughts going in blind which is the way I think you should do it too!