Teeth by Kelli Owen

Teeth - Kelli Owen

“Just like all living things, we are rotting from the inside from the moment we’re born.”

Teeth isn’t a typical vampire book and I’m okay with that because I’ve read a LOT of vampire novels in my reading life and most of them bore me at this point. Those vampires are either sexy whiny monsters or they are ugly whiny monsters and there usually isn’t a helluva lot of room left for anything in-between.

In Teeth, vampirism is treated like a condition because it is one. People afflicted are called Lamian’s and it strikes when a person is a teen and their pointy teeth come in (of course, at the WORST possible time because being a teen isn’t bad enough!). They can still go out in the daylight, they do not need to be bloodthirsty savages and they aren’t instantly made glamorous and gorgeous by that tired old vampire “curse”. "I am immortal and forever beautiful and nobody will ever love me more than I love my loathsome self. Boo-hoo-hoo"Anyhow, those afflicted basically have to take supplements to survive but a segment of society is suspicious (at best) and prejudiced (at worse). That’s why many are terrified of coming out to the public when their Lamian genes start kicking in and who can blame them? People can be terrible creatures.

I enjoyed this story a lot because it took an old thing and made it into a new different thing. The story follows several teens as their teeth start erupting from their gums. They struggle with the alienation of people they thought were their friends and, in some cases, their parents. There’s also a deviant running about who is on a grisly murderous spree and he stars in some super gross scenes which were gloriously cringy and wonderful. If you are squeamish, read it anyway, haha.

The writer sets up an intriguing world here and if she ever chooses to revisit it, I’ll definitely be there to read more.