Bunny by Mona Awad

Bunny - Mona Awad

This book is pure demented madness.


I loved it. I loved all of it and I think all of you weirdos should read it because you might just love it too. Just don’t ask me what it was about because I have no idea what the heck I just read and I am perfectly fine with that, haha!


I was in a huge book funk when my friend Emily recommend this book to me as a must read. She knows her stuff and I listened and it was exactly what I needed. I blew through this book in two days on audio and was so involved at one point that I walked into the shower with my headphones still in my ears. By some strange turn of fate, I did not fry my earbuds or what is left of my brain and now I think may shell out some bucks for water-proof earbuds because I think I just found myself a few more minutes of reading time!


I think you should go into this book as blind as possible and I’m not going to be the one to spoil any of its surprises and will keep it brief. Samantha is a graduate student working on her MFA degree. She has to go to “workshop” in order to complete her degree and, too bad for her, this workshop is infested with a cliquey group of young women who wear dresses with cupcakes and kittens on them, who only eat itty-bitty food and who twitter and coo and call each other Bunny. They ignored the darkling Samantha the previous year except to bitterly and cruelly critique her work. Samantha is pretty okay with the status quo because who the hell wants to be a Bunny?! But one day Samantha receives a rare and coveted invitation to one of their “Slut Salons” and isn’t sure what to do.  But she’s as nosy as me, apparently, and against her better judgement she goes and the story pretty much goes batshit crazy from that point on and I couldn’t describe it if I tried. It truly has to be read to be believed. So go read it!


This book is surreal, deliciously evil, and wickedly funny and the writing is weirdly addictive. It’s getting all the stars because I loved every single twisted turn and madness infused word within its pages. You probably won’t know exactly what you’ve read once you finish it but I bet you’ll be happy you read it.


“The night is a dark earth I could dig my hands into forever.”