The Resurrectionists by Michael Patrick Hicks

The Resurrectionists (The Salem Hawley Series) - Michael Patrick Hicks

The Resurrectionists has tentacles and that’s all you need to know!


But I’ll tell you a little more.


Set in 1788 and featuring a world where racial tensions run high, Salem Hawley is an emancipated black man doing his best to fight for what is right. He is decent and dedicated and it’s these traits that lead him down a dark and disturbing path and straight to a deviant group of Resurrectionists who are up to unimaginable things. They rob graves, they mutilate the bodies and, like the idiots they are, they read from an old tome in an attempt to please the elder gods. Of course dead bodies simply aren’t enough you dummies!


“Suffering is always the key.”


That’s all I should say about that because I do not want to spoil this experience for you. This book is very well written and filled with some Barker-worthy disturbing imagery, a well-crafted protagonist and a few perfectly written evil, dumb-ass men who want to achieve power at any cost. I’d like to think those types are purely fictional but I have my doubts every time I turn on the news. Thankfully there are decent men like Salem Hawley to balance it all out.


The pace is fast and the creatures are nasty and they will make you squirm.  There be monsters! There be gore! There be brutality! There be come-uppance! It’s all terrible and I mean terrible in the best horror-filled way. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next installment of Salem Hawley’s adventures in monster hunting! 


I also love the fact that in the author notes Hicks mentions that he was inspired to write this series after reading Mary Roach’s book Stiff which featured all sorts of fascinating death facts and makes mention of real life Resurrectionists. If you haven’t read Stiff and have a morbid curiosity about this sort of thing you should put it on your read soon list along with this book, of course.


4 ½ Stars