Last Night with the Earl

Last Night with the Earl - Kelly Bowen

The world is so dark right now that I had to take a mini break from horror to read some fluffery and this was a good choice. It was sweet and only a little crazy-making and I really, really enjoyed listening to it. The author writes in a way that captures and holds my attention and makes me care about these people even when they do things that drive me up a wall.

I did have the same little issue I had with the previous book in this series, A Duke In The Night, in that I felt the conflict here wasn't strong enough. The hero (an Earl) is badly disfigured from the war and wants to hide away from society but the heroine makes him face his fears but doesn't share hers completely and instead nearly destroys his heart and newly found confidence because she acts the hypocrite. So be warned about that. It made me a little arrrrggg. BUT the writing is so engaging and the chemistry between the characters so well done that it didn't bother me too, too much. 

The narration is excellent too so if you're into audiobooks this is a good one.