DNF @ 30%

The Last House Guest  - Ms. Megan Miranda

I'm calling this quits at 30%. DNF and no rating.

Hmmm, I had a struggle focusing on this one. I've read a lot of these mystery/thriller/juicy-secret books and I typically love them but I wasn't digging the writing style here. I felt like I was the only stranger at a party and no one could be bothered to introduced me to anyone. The characters weren't drawn very well and weren’t interesting to me whatsoever. There was a lot of "telling" instead of showing. I listened to 30% and it continued in this vein, jumping all over the place with two timelines and confusing the hell out of me on audio. Perhaps it is better read in paper but I will never know because I am a quitter and life is too short to struggle with books that aren't working. 

This isn't my idea of a fun time. Nope. Ba-byee. I hope the rest of you enjoy it more than I did