Teeth In the Mist by Dawn Kurtagich

Teeth In The Mist - Dawn Kurtagich


Read for the Demons square.


“You wield power no woman aught. You should be burned ALIVE!”

I listened to Teeth in the Mist on audio and the production is truly fantastic and creepy but I have also heard the paper version includes lots of little extras and artwork that you miss out on if listening only to the audio. As I’m a wee bit confused and feeling a little dazed after my listening, as if I just awoke from a fuzzy nightmare, I may go ahead and splurge for the hardcover and give it a reread and see if I can clarify some things or if I were meant to feel this way. Either way I don’t regret listening to this disturbing tale!

I don’t even know where to begin with this book. There’s a lot to it and words are failing me. There are three timelines but the book mainly focuses on two of them but know that the third is very, very important. Listening to the audio, I found myself getting tripped up in the timelines. There are two girls who make a treacherous trip up a mountain to a sinister looking and for sure haunted house and I kept mixing up who was who and who was with who and their backstories but that may just be me and my faulty brain or because it was on audio. Honestly, I don’t think this a book you can listen to while doing much else. It needs your 100% focus.

There are some great characters here, strong-willed girls with tempers and creative curses and painful backstories. I don’t want to go into the plot too much but when mentions of Faustus, spells, witches, ghosts, curses and the glowing red eyes of a black ram (who may or not be related to Black Phillip!) kept appearing I had no idea where this book was leading me but I sure as hell wanted to follow it anywhere. If you’re a person who sometimes judges a book by the title and cover and doesn’t read the blurb, like myself, you may think this is a monster-fest sort of book. It is not that at all. It is an atmospheric creepfest of the creepiest order. The audio production only enhances that and I LOVED the experience. It takes some extremely surprising turns into the darkest of corners and I refuse to spoil any of them and likely couldn’t explain any of them if I tried.

I’m going with a four for this first reading and may change my rating on a reread. Or not.