The Other Book by Roe Horvat

The Other Book - Roe Horvat

I picked this up two months or so ago to give my brain a little break from all of the darkness I read. It was getting some amazing reviews but alas this isn't going to be another of them.


I am afraid I may be broken. This book was 90% sexy times and 10% everything else and it bored me to tears. *cries inconsolably* What has happened to me?


This one didn’t work for me at all. I tried and I tried but every time I came back to it I found myself wanted to read anything but this boring romance. Not helping matters was the sickly sweet repetitious dialogue of “my baby”. It lacked a believable romance for me which made the love scenes a snooze. Bummer but there’s no pleasing everyone. This gets great reviews so maybe it’s me?