Find Me by Andre Aciman

Find Me - André Aciman

Welp, all I have to say is that I am very grateful that I didn't cave in to my impulse to "buy it right this second" and use up my last Audible credit on this book. I impatiently waited for my number to be called via Overdrive and it really wasn't worth the wait.

I wasn't expecting another "Call Me By Your Name" but I was expecting something, anything, that would rip me to shreds emotionally because I know the author has that capability but I didn't get that here. I pretty much felt nothing at all even when Elio and later Oliver finally make an appearance. It had some beautiful moments but they were hidden in a lot of tedium and rather pretentious conversations that bored me to death - or maybe I simply lack class (yeah, that might be it). I don't know people who talk that way and it distanced me from everything. Also the insta-marriage section in the first half of the book seemed manic instead of lovely. Meh. I'm so sad about my experience with this book. I had high hopes that my heart would get broken but I felt mostly nothing at all. I finished it but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a struggle from beginning to end.