Pack of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs - Caroline Knapp I found this book all too easy to put down, I'm afraid. I'm not sure why, I guess the reason is the fact that I wasn't a fan of the writing style or the author's extremely neurotic personality. The book, for all of its love of everything dog related, is rather a dreary read and somewhere around the midway mark becomes more of a collection of vignettes about dogs who become neurotic because their owners make them so. It almost makes one feel that to love a dog too much makes one incapable of having a healthy relationship with a human. Many of these people are using dogs as an excuse to distance themselves from human relationships. I'm sure it's true but it's not always the norm as presented in this book, and reading about it was a sad and exhausting experience.

In the end, there were a few heart-tugging moments but for the most part I pitied the author who seemed depressed and isolated and, dare I say, a wee bit too attached to her dog and too dependent on her dog for love. I love my dogs but they're not a substitute for a real relationship.