Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane

Keeping Promise Rock - Amy Lane

GR Cleanup Read April 2011


It is a rare thing for me to come across a book that I don’t want to end. I’m usually in a big hurry for things to finish up so I can move on to the next one, especially when the book is over 300 or so pages. Not so here. I could’ve read another 1000 pages and still wanted more! And it wasn’t because things weren’t wrapped up (because they were) but because the bond between the main characters was so warm and real that I felt sad leaving them. I was as if my cuddly warm blanket had just been ripped forever from my cold, shivering body. Sniff. I’m going to miss these people and will have to buy and read the sequels when I finish writing this (unless I already have them in my shamefully large pile of TBR’s).

Carrick (Crick) Francis fell in love with Deacon Winters the moment he set eyes on him. Crick was just a lonely child living with an abusive stepdad and emotionally absent mother and caring for his many younger sisters when he first spied gloriously beautiful Deacon sitting calmly and confidently astride a horse. It was then he knew he would do anything to get the attention of that godlike older boy. Deacon is drawn to Crick as well and takes him under his wing, little brother-like and teaches him all about horses. Being around Deacon and his kind, loving dad change Crick and though he is impulsive and makes dumbass choices, they bring out the best in him. As the boys’ grow, so does their bond and their undeniable feelings of love for each other. Deacon, reserved and responsible, keeps his desire for Crick to himself for years, waiting for him to grow up and wanting him to live a full life. A life that doesn’t chain him to the ranch. Deacon’s life is the ranch and he has no desire to go off to college or have exciting adventures. Good lord, I loved Deacon. He is a guy who wants to make everyone happy, even if it means denying himself what he wants most in this world. Ouch, my eyes are watering again.

Promise Rock is an angst-a-thon. Deacon and Crick can’t catch a break. The author piles one traumatic event atop another and until the oh-so-sweet and hard earned conclusion. There is a huge misunderstanding that keeps them apart for two years which takes up a good chunk of the book. Normally a separation of this length would put me off a romance but it works here. Damn, does it ever work here. Their love grows stronger, they talk via letters and later by tweets and both characters grow and change as they are forced to deal with loneliness and a grief so strong it’ll bring you to your knees. And of course the never-ending trauma and setbacks that befall them and those they love. This book ripped my heart into little, itty bitty, raw pieces and healed them all with its beautiful storytelling, characterization and satisfying conclusion.

I could go on for days about this sexy, lovely, pain-filled romance and its incredibly well drawn cast of characters but I’m going to stop here because my mascara is starting to run and that's never pretty and this is a book that should be experienced and not spoiled by my big mouth.