Sugar Baby by Aaron B. Powell

Sugar Baby: We're all adults here. Let's have some fun. - Aaron B Powell

Ooh, lookie BL brought over the naughty, uncensored cover!


Sugar Baby is an erotic novel written from the manly perspective. I’m used to erotica written by women for women and was a little worried when I realized this entire book was written strictly from the man’s POV. I guess I was expecting it to be an emotionless “Tab A goes into Slot B” sort of read but I can admit that I was wrong. It turned out to be better written than much of the erotica I’ve read (or attempted to read) in the past. It doesn’t skimp on the emotions and feelings of the experience which is so important and features a couple who are clearly still in love. I liked it a heck of a lot more than I honestly expected to so if you’re worried like I was there is no need.



“My wife and I have been thinking about hiring a Sugar Baby, a girl to hang out with and help us explore our sexual fantasies.”

Kyle and Brittany have been married a long time and are very happy together. With their son away at school they decide to spice up their lives by bringing in a “Sugar Baby”. A “Sugar Baby” is a sexy young thing willing to have sex for a monthly fee. Legal? Probably not but you have to go with it. Marissa’s online profile catches Kyle’s eye and they arrange a meeting where they all agree they’re up for it. Marissa is a college student in need of some easy cash. She wants to focus on her studies, not working. From there the sexy times begin and don’t let up . . .

Kyle, Brittany and Marissa spend some time getting to know each other intimately in and out of bed and quickly become the best of friends. They’re all into each other and up for whatever, whenever, wherever and there are no hurt feelings or insecurities messing up the fun. What can I say? It’s a fantasy. Because of this the book is an easy, angst and conflict free read. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I enjoyed it most because of the attention to detail and the easy writing style. Kyle describes what he’s feeling and does a good job bringing the two women to life too, even though we never do get into their heads. He does go all voyeuristic when they’re together and explains how it makes him feel but it wasn’t quite the same as being in their heads too. With that said, the relationships don’t feel forced which is usually a problem in this sort of story. There is a lot of focus on how “big” Kyle is and there’s a ton of oral play with his stuff which I found amusing.

Erotica novels are always so hard to review because there isn’t too much to say that doesn’t give everything away. It’s about sex, a lot of sex, some of it a little kinky but nothing seriously strange or over the top. There’s a toy in one scene, some minor spanking/switching and male fantasy stuff (cheerleader costumes, girl on girl). There are only three people involved in the sex and there are no random interlopers joining in so no worries if you don’t like that kind of thing. It’s strictly m/f , f/f/m and a little f/f . The very ending bit squicked me out a little and I could’ve done without the interruption to the fantasy by an awkward moment of reality but other than that I really enjoyed this one and recommend reading it if it sounds like something you’re into.