Across Eternity by Aris Whitter

Across Eternity - Aris Whittier

GR Cleanup read in 2011


Logan has spent most of his life looking for his soul mate. When he was a child she was his playmate and best friend that only he could see. But when he turned ten she was taken from him and “reborn”. Logan vowed to spend the rest of his life looking for her, and as he grew and dreamed about her he realized she was the only woman he would ever truly love.

Awww, so romantically sweet.

Flash forward twenty seven years and Logan’s now a rich, successful businessman and his lifelong search comes to an end when he sets eyes on waitress Amber Lewis. He immediately recognizes her as his one and only but she has no memory of their entwined pasts. She only knows he’s hot and she feels a connection. The remainder of the story follows them as they date, fall in love, travel around the world and uncover Amber’s buried past memories

Both characters were decent but for the most part there wasn’t a heck of a lot going on. Logan is a good, kind guy and she’s a hardworking gal who has had some rough breaks in life but their characters didn’t engage my emotions for a large part of the book. I didn’t feel that “spark” nor did I see enough depth and development to their relationship until near the end. I wanted to read some fun falling for you dialogue and feel what they were experiencing as they were falling in love which to me is the best part of a romance but much of the story is told in a way that kept me at an emotional distance.

Towards the latter end a big twist is introduced and it was then that the author hooked me and nabbed my emotions and, yeah, even made grumpy me tear up. I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut and if the rest of the story had been written with this same intensity I would have rated it much higher.

This one rates a three and ½ from me. Though it needed a bit more oomph in the first half it turned out to be a sweet little tear-jerker of a read.