Storm Front - Jim Butcher I recently listened to this book on unabridged audio read by James Marsters who played Spike one of my favorite characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He did a great job with the narration but I did miss his faux accent.

About the book: this one sets up the series and tells just enough about Harry Dresden's past to hook you into the series. I enjoyed this book as much the second time around as the first. It helps that my memory just isn't what it used to be and I remembered almost nothing about the plot besides some vague impressions of the characters. Harry, being a wizard and all, is called in to assist the police when a couple are found brutally murdered by magical means. Harry, just looking for a little cash to get by, stumbles into black magic, and suffers one mishap after another but it's always entertaining fun. I'm looking forward to rereading and catching up on this series.

Updated bit
Just found my original review written after I'd read this for the first time in 2000. Here goes:

Finally, I've found myself another series to covet that contains some of my favorite things: magic, fairies, vampires, a likeable hero and just the right mix of humor, action and gore!

Harry Dresden's like a lot of us. He struggles to pay his rent, his love life bites, he lives with a cat and his wisecracking attitude often lands him trouble. Oh, and he just happens to be a wizard and shares his basement with a talking and meddlesome skull named Bob.

Harry makes his living doing things like helping the general public find their keys and/or lost spouses and also works with the local police department on their "weird" cases. Just when things are looking really bleak money-wise Harry's business starts to pick up in a big way. He's asked to investigate a gruesome double homicide on the same day that he receives a call from a woman willing to him pay big bucks to locate her husband.

During Harry's investigation he calls in help from a cool little fairy named Toot-toot and draws the attention of the White Council - a group who exist to ensure that magic is not misused. Years earlier Harry disobeyed one of their laws and had the "Doom of Damocles" placed upon him and if he is caught using black magic again, no matter how dire the situation, he will be put to death. And, as if all that weren't nerve-wracking enough, Harry has also ticked off a mob boss and a vampiress!

This is a fast-paced, action packed read that I didn't just couldn't put down because Harry is such a likable guy. He's a true good guy who you really want to see win. His terrific sense of humor remains intact whether he's facing down a bloodsucking demon or going through one of life's most humiliating (and extremely humorous) dates. Harry's next adventure can't come too soon for me!