Shadow Fires - Leigh Nichols, Dean Koontz This was one of the earlier Koontz novels that I somehow missed in my youth. It tells the tale of a genetic genius named Eric who, after an ugly argument with his soon to be ex-wife Rachel, dies in an accident. But this is a Koontz novel so you know he doesn't stay dead . . .

Before long Rachel and her new love interest Ben are on the run from a resurrected Eric and men who will do anything to keep Eric's status a secret.

Koontz has always been hit or miss with me and I'm sad to say that this book was more of a miss. I'm a big fan of monster books and zombies but this book focused more on the action which bored me. Not helping matters was the mostly unlikable cast of characters and the unbelievable dialogue.

And shall I mention the "love scene"? How could I not? It still has me creeped out. When Rachel and Ben finally give in to temptation Koontz describes their happy ending as "Ben emptying copious measures of himself into Rachel". Sounds rather painful to me. I imagine his organs melting down from the burning heat of Rachel's womanly bits. It's here my mind begins to drift and set up a new plot twist. One where Ben expires from all of this sexual bother and losing of himself and Rachel, so sexually frustrated, is forced to hook back up with zombie Eric. Hey, he may be rotting and smelly but at least he has more life left in him than boring self-satisfying Ben. Oops, I think I just turned this into a Richard Laymon novel.

Anyway now that I'm completely off track, I'll just end this by saying that I would have enjoyed it more if it had focused more on the changes Eric the "monster" was going through and spent less time on the snoozy chase scenes. It would've helped too if there were less time agonizing about every thought and motivation passing through many of the dull characters heads (especially Ben and his nemesis whose name has escaped me).

I probably would have enjoyed this more when I was a lot younger or if I hadn't read so many romances over the years.