This Dumb MotherF-er Won't Be Reading Strings by Kendall Gray

Strings - Kendall Grey

This is the first Smashwords purchase I'm sorry I made. I work hard for my money and love supporting authors who love what they are doing but this author trashed her fans and an entire genre that is making her loads of money and I can't support that no matter what sort of half-assed apology she reluctantly coughs up. I'm pissed that I bought it from Smashwords and can't get my money back and support a writer who deserves it. I doubt she cares because she already has my money and thinks us who review honestly at Goodreads are dumb motherf*ckers who can't read.. I will never read Strings or its sequels now and this dumb motherf*cker will give her money to an author smart enough to stay away from the keyboard when she's having a hissy.