Horrorween - Al Sarrantonio I snatched this book out of my tbr pile thinking it was going to be a spooky tale about a town plagued by the "Lord of Death" and creepy pumpkins. Who can pass up creepy pumpkins? What it really was, however, was a hastily slapped together book containing three loosely related novellas that had previously been printed elsewhere. This would've been lovely if I were looking to read a collection of ho-hum poorly researched novellas. But the blurb led me to believe this was a complete novel and it wasn't. I've been deceived! And now I'm a bit grouchy.

I made it through the first story even though I had a nagging feeling I'd read it somewhere before (turns out I had). It was about a writer suffering through writer's block, a marriage that is falling apart and bees. The ending drove me nuts because I saw it miles away (and quite possibly because I had read it before) but I did have to wonder why the protagonist never realized it. This made him look like a real dummy.

To aggravate me further, a character named Samhain "The Lord of Death" arrives to wreak some havoc. Apparently "Sam" is terrorizing the small town where the nasty bees and the not-so-bright writer live. Typically the Celtic holiday is not pronounced "Sam Hain" but "Sow - En" but I guess it would've been too silly to nickname the Big Baddie "Sow". Hee hee, that might've kept me reading though! Anyway, if the story hadn't been so average I might have been able to overlook that silly nitpick and go with the flow but it wasn't and I can't let it go. Sorry, I warned you I was grouchy.

The last story bored me so much that I couldn't even get through it. I guess what I'm saying here in this crappy review is that I'd recommend skipping this one unless you're looking for some Horrorweenie type short stories and this all sounds fab to you.