The Awakening (Leopard People,  #1) - Christine Feehan, Allison Kruise I’ve read one or two of Feehan’s books but haven’t been overwhelmed by them. My admittedly vague memory is one of an overly dramatic and wordy book. Since this is an audio and a novella and it was free for download on my local library website (bonus!) I figured I’d give her another try. The only thing I had to lose was a little time.

Actually it turned out to be a decent enough read. Maggie, a veterinarian of exotic cats, has always dreamed of working in the wild but settled for a zoo job. When she discovers she’s been left a home hidden deep within the rain-forest she drops everything to check it out. The bulk of the book follows her as she’s being escorted through the rain-forest by several hunky guys. The forest is described in vivid detail and somewhere along the line Maggie becomes aroused, entranced and transformed by the living, breathing forest surrounding her. Previously somewhat a-sexual (guess that’s why she wasn’t afraid to travel alone with strange men?) she’s now coming alive and senses . . . well something out there that’s she’s irresistibly drawn to.

Unbeknownst to Maggie, who was adopted and is ignorant of her heritage, she has been brought to her current situation by Brandt, leader of a pack of shape-shifting leopards. Apparently she is destined to be his mate thus the inexplicable feelings she has towards him as soon as she spots him.

I’ll probably never get to explore the rain-forest but in this slim novella I was able to get a small taste of what it might be like to visit. The story is beautifully descriptive and highly sexual with a little bit of danger and an eco message that felt just right in the context of the story. I can’t seriously sit here and say it was the bestest, most breathtaking and convincing romance I’ve ever read, but it was interesting enough to make me want to track down another book in this Leopard-people series.