The Killing Hour - Lisa Gardner This book was terribly average. It's about a serial killer who picks up two girlies at a time. This killer leaves one girl dead as a map for investigators to find the other (possibly still alive and suffering) victim. Unfortunately, the other girl is always left in an isolated, treacherous, hot location with only a bottle of water. The clock is a-ticking while investigators attempt to locate her.

Kimberly is a tortured young woman currently attending the FBI academy when the book begins. She stumbles across the first body and throws away her dreams of becoming an FBI agent in order to pursue the case because the corpse resembles her deceased sister. She joins sexy special agent man Mac. Mac has been following this elusive killer for years. What follows is a by-the-numbers serial killer chase. Young women (who we never get to know) die, the duo fall in lust (all off screen, bleh, what a tease) and a victim struggles to survive. The only captivating thing about this book was the latest victim's struggle to survive. The other characters (and there were too many for me to remember) just didn't grab me as they were all people I'd read about numerous times in books like these. It was an okay read just not something that will stick with me.