Bloodletter by Angel Haze (GR Cleanup)

Bloodletter - Angel Haze,  Scott Jones

GR Cleanup. Originally read in Sept. 2011.


Bloodletter reminded me a bit of an early serious Bones episode, minus the super nerdy forensic bits and David Boreanaz. It had a fast pace, lots of twists and turns to keep me guessing and a handful of lead characters with a good dynamic but who could use a bit more development.

Kelly Garrett is a criminologist. She and her team are investigating a series of gory murders where the killer appears to be toying with them. On each victim the killer hides a “clue” in the form of a commandment of his own making. In addition to this high profile case, Kelly is also receiving troubling phone calls, dealing with fiancé troubles and experiencing flashbacks to her own troubled past. Poor Kelly has a lot on her plate and the reader gets to know her pretty well during all of this turmoil. The same can’t be said for many of the secondary characters who show up either as victim, potential suspect or friend, take up a bit of face time, but either aren’t overly important to the story or aren’t fully realized. If a few of these characters had been omitted and more time spent on the core characters I may have felt differently. As written though, the book felt like a whirlwind of characters and I had to take notes to remember who was who because my pea brain could just not keep up.

The book speeds along at a good clip and never slows down. It has a decent amount of blood splatter and gore but doesn’t go over the top. I enjoyed being kept guessing and was surprised by the reveal at the end but after thinking about it realized the author threw in a slew of clues along the way, I was just too dense to put it all together. I’d definitely give this author another shot and wouldn’t mind following Kelly and her team as they track down more criminals.