Size 12 Is Not Fat - Meg Cabot This is a cute chick-lit book with a side of mystery. Heather is a former pop singer who caught her fiance with another woman and whose mom ran off with her small fortune. She's now working as an assistant director at a residence hall at a college and is doing her best to leave her past behind her. I really enjoyed the fact that this girl isn't a whiner like so many chick lit princesses and is getting on with her life on her own terms. She's no longer a skinny young pop star and is living in a rented brownstone owned by her former fiance's gorgeous brother who dates size 2's and whom she has a hopeless crush on. When two female students die under mysterious circumstances in an elevator shaft, Heather is frustrated at the lack of the police action and takes matters into her own hands and starts snooping around putting her life in jeopardy as well.

This book is very much a fluff filled confection with a little side of mystery thrown in but the likable heroine makes it easy to turn the pages and I'll probably read the second book in the series if it falls into my hands.