Taken by Storm - Tami Hoag, Donna Rawlins I listened to this book as an unabridged audio. I would never have finished it as a paperback. Taken by Storm is an older series romance that has been reprinted and given the audio treatment. It doesn't deserve it. It deserves to stay tucked away as a relic of old on the shelves of a dusty used bookstore somewhere.

Here's the original cover.

photo taken2_zps81f4e387.jpg

Feel free to scour your tbr piles to see if you have it. Then do yourself a favor and remove it from your home. Or read it first and come back to yell at me if you love it.

So, what's it about? You're dying to know, right?

When the man who broke her heart three times shows up out of the blue with a marriage proposal Julia is steamin' mad. Apparently, S.T. (also known as Storm) has finally grown up and realized he's ready to settle down. He has his sights set on Julia because he's an egotistical jerk and no other woman will have him he has realized she is the only woman for him. He lurrrves her so very much. Unfortunately for Storm and his enormous ego, Julia hasn't sat around pining away for him and is engaged to another man. But Storm doesn't let that stop him from being a big overbearing boob and wooing her back into his bed. Ugh. Hell. No. This is not the stuff of which my romantic dreams are made of.

Everything about this book thoroughly and completely annoyed me. The dialogue was unbelievable and the story filled with cliches. The other man, a nice stable doctor type, is portrayed as a complete bore so the heroine will have an excuse to dump his lame-ass and the hero is just so over-the-top ridiculous that I wasn't buying what he was peddling.

There were many great little romances written in the 90's that deserve reprinting but this wasn't one of them.I listened to this book as an unabridged audio.