Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellison

Vanilla on Top - C.J. Ellisson

Heather has always been a bit of doormat when it comes to relationships. She’s tired of cheating men and cruddy relationships but is talked into attending a speed dating event by a friend. This same friend suggests she shed her old skin and try on a new one. When one of her speed dates, whose phone won’t stop ringing, admits that he’d like someone else to take control for a change Heather decides to pretend to be someone confident and begins bossing him around and surprisingly he seems to enjoy it. Emboldened by her newfound sexual power over this man, she tempts him outside where he obediently follows and sexual hijinks of the burning hot kind ensue right out in public in the night breeze. She leaves him with a “Next time might be your turn. Give me your number. Maybe I’ll call.”

Tony is a successful businessman and playboy who’s had all sorts of women in and out of his life but none have riled him up the way Heather has. He can’t get her out of his mind, he can’t focus on work, and he can’t do anything but relive the moments they shared over and over until he’s ready to explode. The two soon meet up again but can Heather keep up the act?

Yes and no.

With Tony, Heather learns to embrace her sexuality and gains confidence. She’s putting on the red lips, curling her hair and dressing sexier and is definitely catching the eye of every male in her path. She thinks its confidence but I think her inability to look away from their usually bulging crotches might be part of it too, hee hee. Still her deeply embedded insecurities plague her and though she enjoys controlling Tony in bed she fears she won’t be able to keep him.

And I believed all of that. Heather’s worries feel genuine and Tony’s feelings for her, at least in the beginning; do feel entirely driven by the sex. I wondered what he’d do when the novelty wore off. Fortunately though, there is a ton of time spent on the erotic scenes, there is also some pretty decent character time too and their romance doesn’t feel rushed.

I adored everything about the beginning of this story. It was very much an erotic fantasy and it was so much fun seeing what Heather would get up to next. But Tony isn’t a submissive type by nature which he proves as the book goes along and somewhere along the way the power play balances out. Heather comes out of it empowered with more confidence and a well-used ping pong paddle. Personally I would have enjoyed seeing her in control for the entire book but that’s just me and that’s not what this book is about. Ultimately it’s about two people falling in love and that’s nice too.

If you enjoy romances of the spicier, slightly kinky kind, check out “Vanilla On Top”, I don’t think you’ll be sorry.