The Sin Eater's Prince by Keta Diablo

The Sin Eater's Prince - Keta Diablo

Throwback Thursday. It's back to cleaning up reviews from the GR conversion. I read this . . . awhile ago. 


The Sin Eater’s Prince is a sexy and atmospheric tale that reminded me a bit of an old-timey gothic horror movie starring a young Vincent Price, if he were a vampire who preferred handsome auburn tressed young men, that is!


Is that picture not dreamy? Ok, back to business. Set in Wales in 1842, Owen lives amidst superstition. He is a sin-eater and deemed unholy by the townsfolk who only call on him when a loved one is dying. It is Owen’s job to consume the sins of the dying so their souls are able to move on cleansed and free of sin.

“Born a sin eater, I’m unsavory, destined to lead an afterlife in Hell carrying the sins of others. Visions of death haunt me night and day”

Sweet, tormented Owen, I loved him from the very start. And for Owen’s kind deeds he is shunned, called unclean and lives a lonely existence with only goats and a fiddle for company. The only two people who are civil to him are Doctor Andras Maddock and his ward Carys who stops by often for goat milk and doesn’t seem to give a damn about what people say. Owen has had a secret crush on the handsome doctor forever and never in his wildest dreams expected to act upon it. When he finds his attraction returned, well, let’s just say things heat up and years of pent up longing are released.

“He tasted like summer rain and Andras couldn’t slake his thirst fast enough.”

Stop here to ponder whatever you wish.

Andras is a vampire in possession of a magical sword that another clan of vampires will do anything to possess. When they get wind that he’s been spending a little too much time with Owen they realize they have the perfect weapon to wield against him. What follows is an action packed smack-down of evil creatures, selfish small-minded towns-peopl and a rough road to happiness for the lovely Andras and Owen.

I was enchanted by the opening of this story. Longing from afar and secret crushes along with a nice slow burn of attraction sucks me in every time and the atmosphere was fab and very well done. But if I’m being completely honest, I have to admit that I really, truly wish the story had stayed focused on Owen and Andras’s new feelings as a couple and their banter as they formed a relationship because when the focus switched to more of a standard good vs. baddies my interest began to wane. But that’s my personal bias and I freely admit it. I’m not a huge danger and action kind of girl and go for the more intimate character based reads. I know I’m probably in the minority based on the explosion of danger based paranormal romances.

I enjoyed the heat between Andras and Owen and found much of the writing intoxicating but would’ve enjoyed spending more time watching Andras and Owen fall in love and getting to know sarcastic and independent Carys better (loved what I saw of her) before all of the bloodshed began. But that’s me, I’m greedy like that. For the most part, this was a haunting, hypnotic and sexy little story and a good way to while away a few hours.

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review (do I have to say that here? probably).