Survivor - J.F. Gonzalez This book may haunt you and not in a good way. I do not recommend reading it unless you are a hardcore horror reader because you will never be able to unread it. The scares here come in the way of torturous things happening to people by other people. None of it is supernatural in nature and that makes it all so much worse

So here's the setup. Two young lawyers decide to take a nice little vacation that turns nightmarish pretty quickly. A crazed driver decides to target them, separate them and kidnap the wife in order to make a snuff film. She's only just discovered she is pregnant and she isn't going out without a fight.

This is a mean spirited book about the lengths one will go to in order to survive, one where even the victim turns out to make a horribly selfish decision to save her own skin. I'm not going into any further detail in case you have an urge to read it. Really though there's nothing to like about this cruel book and somehow I kept on reading until the very last page. Maybe I am a sicko but I had to know how it ended.

I can't recommend going out of your way to read this. It gets a bit boring midpoint as the author felt a need to delve into the history of how his characters became the monsters they are today. I found those little forays into the past all a bit pointless and very repetitive.

The ending though? Yeah, that worked for me.