Dreamcatcher - Stephen King, William Olivier Desmond I read this many years ago and because I couldn't remember any of the details I recently reread it again via unabridged audio.

Why I decided to put myself through this again is completely beyond me. This is most definitely one of my least favorite of King's longer winded books. It features four miserable middle aged friends who get together every year for a manly-man weekend spent drinking beer and shooting poor innocent beasts. When bad things happened to them I have to admit it made me a little bit happy. It goes on and on flashing back to the past when the boys were boyhood friends and met a boy named Douglass who possesses a supernatural power. This part was far more interesting than the present day story line where the men are facing snow, weird flashing lights and strange people passing noxious gas. Aliens have landed and soon there will shit weasels. Again, why did I do this myself twice?

This book rambles on so much I feel a decade older having finally finished it. Though the beginning and the parts about the boyhood friendship captured me; King lost me when he went on tangents about the aliens,the red fuzz, Mr. Grey and his mind rape and the crazed military guy. All of those plot elements were mind-numbingly dull to me.