The Quiche of Death - M.C. Beaton Although mysteries aren't my favorite genre The Quiche of Death was an exception. It captured my attention right away with its prickly protagonist Agatha Raisin.

Agatha is a middle-aged business woman who has made enough cash to retire. She decides to buy a home in a little town and has some difficulty adjusting to small town life. She comes to the realization that she is seriously lacking in people skills. Being a sales person she's spent years bullying and talking people into things but when it comes to small talk and making friends she hasn't a clue as to how to go about it. Needing to make herself known (because she's egotist like that), she decides to enter a baking contest. But she can't cook. Instead she buys a quiche and enters it under her name. Unfortunately, the quiche is taken home by a local couple and the husband croaks after eating it. Uh oh. Someone, it seems, poisoned said quiche and may have it out for Agatha. She then finds her calling as an amateur sleuth which doesn't endear her to the locals.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I honestly didn't expect to.. It was on my Ipod and auto-played when I finished something else and I just went with it. Now I'll have to go out and find the sequels (and it looks like there are a lot of them). I was surprised to have loved the abrasive bordering on mean Agatha so much, probably because she just couldn't seem to help herself and made no apologies. She truly had zero people skills when the book begins and her nastiness made me laugh when not much else does. My friend hated this book after I "forced" her to read it so if you don't like sarcastic, rude characters you have been warned.