Heart of Fire - Linda Howard When Jillian goes through her deceased father's things she finds information which sends her off on an adventure to find evidence of a secret civilization of Amazon Women (I kid you not). Along for the trip is her rotten, good for nothing step-brother and a shifty drug dealer who is funding the archeological dig. She brings the brother along for some lame reason but you just have to go with it.

She allows the two men to hire the best guide in the area even though she is suppose to be the archeologist and should be in charge. But what do I know? Ben, the guide, is a cocky guy ruled by his genitals. Fortunately Jillian has remembered to bring along her birth control because you know she's going to need it.

The rest of the book is an adventure to find this hidden civilization with such obstacles as pirates (!), wild beasts and of course each other. It was a bit over the top and the romance seemed very out of place considering the circumstances but as escapist fantasy I guess it was alright.