The Stephen King Collection: Stories from Night Shift - John  Glover, Stephen King This is an audio collection of several of Stephen King's short stores with John Glover doing the narration.

Tales from Gray Matter include:
The Boogeyman Reminds me very much of a "Tales From the Crypt" episode about childhood fears and monsters in the closet.
I Know What You Need Boy meets girl, gives her everything she desires, when she discovers his dark, not-very-well-hidden secrets, she freaks. Stupid girl, you know you'll never find a guy like that again!
Strawberry Spring A killer stalks a college campus with a surprise ending.
Gray Matter Possibly man's worse nightmare: that tall cool one has some fuzzy stuff inside that turns man into an icky flesh eating-gray-thing!
The Woman in the Room Realistic horror about slowly watching someone you love suffer as she awaits death. Shall you let it continue or put an end to the pain, knowing full well you can? This was too realistically depressing for me.
Battleground A man and toy soldiers, shall I go on? I fast forwarded through this as it gave me an urge to snore. Not so good when one is driving!

Tales from Graveyard Shift include:
Graveyard Shift Man has crappy, thankless job doing the midnight shift in a creepy old mill. Job takes a turn for the worse with the discovery of monster rats, monster bats and a big old super sized momma rat. Bet you can't guess what happens to the big bad Bossman? Overall a cliched rat story but very well read by Glover who does rat love oh-so-wonderfully.
The Man Who Loved Flowers A young man, apparently wildly in love, collects flowers for his sweetie causing women to swoon with jealousy and men to become very annoyed. Young man turns out to have an ugly surprise for his latest sweetie . . .
The Last Rung on The Ladder Another could have been true story filled with suspense. A man is haunted by memories of his younger sister and her loyalty and complete and utter trust. The story focuses on the man when he was a boy and on a pivotal moment in his life that he's reflecting on now that he's filled with oodles of regret.
Night Surf A tale about a group of college/high school students told from the point of view of a boy who is very cruel to his girlfriend. Girlfriend asks "Do you love me?" And meanie boyfriend, who can't spare the venom to answer "no", walks away. As she trails after him like a pup who has been kicked, looking for any scrap of love he'll never dole out, he's thinking about how much her fat bum disgusts him. It turns out they are only a small handful of survivors of King's nasty flu "Captain Tripps" from "The Stand" and they've banded together to sacrifice a flu victim by burning him alive. These are some seriously bitter characters clinging to scraps of life as they await death and it's good stuff.
Jerusalem's Lot
Maybe it was my mood but this story was what I'd consider work to finish. My mind easily drifted off, occasionally caught by an interesting bit of creepy narrative before flickering away to ponder all of my own inner thoughts or to swear at some impatient jackass who just cut me off. It's told in flashbacks and recounts a man's discovery of his dark family tree, an abandoned village and really disturbing church.

Tales from Lawnmower Man include:
Lawnmower Man Just as weird as the first time I read it. This one tells a story of a devious new lawn service.
Quitters, Inc. I hear attempting to quit smoking is one of the most difficult things imaginable. As someone who sucks in second hand smoke all day at work I wish there were something along the lines of a "Quitters, Inc." I think the problem would be nipped pretty quickly and those with weak willpower, well, they'd be taken care of . . .
The Ledge This dark edged tale tells the story of a tennis pro who was hitting the sheets with the wrong married woman. She's married to a mafia-type who doesn't take kindly to sharing his woman. Somehow or other Mafiaguy convinces not-too-bright-tennis-guy to go out on his ledge which is several feet high and plays all sorts of dastardly tricks to get him to fall off said ledge. This is one that will either have you biting your fingernails in anticipation of a big face plant on the cement or you'll be snoring.
Sometimes They Come Back This is about a school teacher plagued by ghosts from his past. It is a haunting, pain filled story that is gripping from beginning to ghastly end.
The Mangler A demon possessed machine that requires a full blown exorcism? You're kidding me, right?! This story just didn't work for me.