Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton

Obsidian Butterfly - Laurell K. Hamilton



This is not quite a five because Anita's badass attitude grates here and there but it's so much better than the books focused on the triumvirate (or whatever the hell it's called) and the sexy times.


Obsidian Butterfly is all business, no sex. This is the book the Edward fans were clamoring for way back when and I thought it was worth the wait back when I read it for the first time. This book lets us in on Edward's secret life when he calls in Anita to help out with a series of grisly murders. She learns he's living another life where he is known as good old boy "Ted" complete with a sweet girlfriend and acting as a step-in dad to her two children. Anita pries and teases and her relationship with Edward becomes less of a "who will kill the other first" kind of thing and more of a "I will always have your back" kind of thing. It's believable and I loved that about this book.

It is dark and gory and some extremely nasty things to happen to innocent people like the earlier books. There are paranormal baddies and mysteries and loads of danger filled action. Usually those things bore me but I found myself pretty much attentive to the audio from beginning to end. Narrator Kim Alexis does a fantastic Anita, she's all tough bitch and also handles the myriad of other characters with ease. I was never at a loss wondering who was speaking.

I think Obsidian Butterfly is one of the best installments in this series. If you're a fan of the earliest books and the harder boiled edge of those stories this might be the last book in the series you should probably read. It all sorta goes to shit from here but I'm going to read 'em again on audio anyway.