Fifth Life of the Cat Woman - Kathleen Dexter This one was sitting on the bottom of the huge tower of books that continually falls on this poor dog's head when he's sleeping. Someday I'll get them all read but for now he must suffer if he insists on sleeping next to the precarious tower.

It seems to be about a woman who has multiple lives, very much like a cat, who has retreated to a place of her own creation and resides peacefully with 50 cats.

Later: This one is indeed about a woman who has nine lives, just like a kitty, and they've all apparently ended in misery and her painful death by the hands of fearful and prejudiced neighbors. Kat is now on her fifth life and is keeping a low profile this time around, hiding out in a mirage she's built, far away from people where she lives self sufficiently with fifty cats who telepathically communicate with her. She's content until a man and his dog walks into her mirage shaking up both her and her cats. Angelo was her brother in their first life and insists she get out and join the world and convinces her into a teaching job which brings her out of her shell. Somewhere along the line they fall in love. Yeah, weird, I know. The book is a bit too slow and meandering but I stuck with it and am glad I did. It's emotional and melancholic and almost fairy tale-like, not exactly a book for the beach which is where I read it.