Loving Edits - Mickie B. Ashling First Reads Win!

Paul is an editing genius. His touch on a manuscript can instantly catapult an author to bestsellerdom. His talent has brought him wealth and all the luxuries money can buy but it cost him, Mick, the love of his life. The two friends discovered their sexuality as young teens and became involved in an intense romance but things went sour when Mick’s book hit the bestseller list and he was offered a movie deal. Paul allowed jealousy and other uncomfortable emotions to rule him and broke it off in an ugly way. It’s a decision he’s always regretted.

Heart-broken Mick left town without looking back and found solace and healing in the arms of a handsome athlete named Tono. The two fell into a deeply committed relationship and have been together for the last seven years. Now Mick must call on Paul to ask him a huge favor. Tono has a written a novel about his love for Mick and Mick wants him to be successful and find peace. And if it sounds like I’m skirting around the real reason behind the importance of Tono’s book it’s because I am. It’s a huge devastating spoiler.

Paul is a very spoiled man, bordering on unlikable and of course, when he sees Mick again he decides he wants him to himself and refuses to help his lover complete his novel. He’s used to having everything go exactly his way and isn’t dealing well with the situation placed at his feet but he eventually agrees because of his love for Mick. Tono despises Paul, with good reason; while Paul resents Tono because of the deep love he and Mick share. Despite their intense feelings neither can deny the attraction that simmers between them. What follows is a complicated, sexy and heart-wrenching romance between the three men that will make you laugh and sob your heart out. I’m so glad I stuck it out, even though I admit I nearly gave up after reading the first few never-ending pages consisting of the “life and times of a selfish man named Paul”.

There is sex, and a lot of it between these three, but their relationship is about much more than the sex and the complications involved in a ménage. I refuse to spoil it by revealing too much and will only say the relationship is one of healing and desperation and soul deep undying love. And Paul finally learns that the world doesn’t revolve around his lovely self! This is one love story that won’t easily be forgotten by me.