Dark Prince by Yamila Abraham & M.A. Sambre

Dark Prince Volume 1 - Yamila Abraham, M.A. Sambre

Dark Prince is a crazy-pants bit of yaoi filled with deviant desires, murder, dastardly deeds, dark magic and young beautiful men who are either dreaming about or engaging in man on man sex. There’s also some noblemen here who abuse their station and take far more than they’re offered (there’s rape, people). You have been warned.

If I get some nitpicky details wrong it’s because this yaoi, like most I have read, is confusing as hell. Prince Lor and Prince Davon are half-brothers (I think, they could be step brothers) who enjoy having sex . . . with each other. Well, Lor enjoys it. Apparently Davon can no longer become aroused by Lor’s touch because he’s under some sort of sexual curse that has made him impotent. He still allows Lor to play with him, however, even when his touch makes him vomit. Now that’s some true brotherly love there. Davon also has a little quirk that is troublesome to his father. He kills boys that are unlucky enough to have their name begin with the letter A. The King wants Davon to inherit the castle of perversion and rule the peasants but his murderous nature is hard to overlook. He hires a nobleman to spy on Davon and uncover all of his secrets.

And boy, does that man have some strange secrets! I’m not going to spoil this in case you might be dying to read it :). I’ll just say that some things are revealed as the story goes along that were shocking, sexy and disturbing. Sometimes all three. There is also a side story about a young boy who sacrifices everything to save his sisters that broke my cold heart. The end leaves many questions unanswered so, of course, suckers like me will have to gleefully buy into the entire series and hope for closure.

I could find lots of stuff to complain about here (the Epilogue that is actually a flashback, for starters) but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy gazing at every page featuring the impossibly beautifully characters. Even the demons are stunning. It’s hard to look away, even when you know you probably should!