The Nobleman and the Spy by Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon

The Nobleman and the Spy - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon

GR Cleanup Read March 2011


This was a nicely written historical romance featuring two men who fall in love during a time of danger and intrigue and manage to make it all work. Reese is a spy who has been hired to tail the count's son Karl and make sure he isn't murdered. Karl realizes he's being followed right off the bat and instantly recognizes Reese. They met on a bloody battlefield years earlier and had a "moment". When Karl realizes he and Reese share an attraction he quickly gets things moving with the quiet, reserved Reese but their fling turns into much more than either anticipated and Karl's life is in constant danger from someone . . .

I didn't connect with this book the way I did with The Gentleman and the Rogue for some reason (actually I think the reason is Jem, Karl sweetie-pie hunk that he is, is no Jem). I kept losing focus and there were moments when I was downright bored with all of the intrigue. Maybe it was my mood but I don't think so. The times when Karl and Reese shared fun banter, winks, leers and all that really worked and I would've loved this book if there had more of those scenes and less of the political intrigue.