Ursa Major by John R. Little

Ursa Major - John R. Little, Frank Walls

I read this awhile ago and am still fixing/updating my GR reviews one by one.


Dan’s intentions were good. He wanted to bond with his love’s young daughter Nickie and takes her and her miniature dachshund on a weekend camping trip that turns into a nightmare when they are terrorized by an 8’ hungry grizzly bear.

The story follows Dan’s piss-poor but well intentioned attempts to keep them safe. It’s a dark, tense and grizzly (sorry, I can never resist a bad pun) little tale that grabs you from the very beginning. The characterization is believable and I felt terrible for Dan who was a sweet love-struck every-guy sort with a case of really bad luck.

Seeing as this was only 50 pages or so I'm not going to say any more and spill the entire thing but if you want a little glimpse of the terror that befalls this guy read this truly terrifying news story.


*The FTC makes me say that I requested this copy from NetGalley. Naturally I reviewed it like I would any other book with honesty, sarcasm (if the mood strikes) and all personal biases firmly intact.