Primal Heat by Donna Grant

Primal Heat - Donna Grant

I read this awhile ago and am still fixing/updating my GR reviews one by one. 


Primal Heat is a sex fueled novella about a werewolf “tracker” and the woman who haunts his dreams. Orrin and his partner have arrived on earth in their spacecraft supposedly to save the human race from extinction at the hands of alien werewolves who can’t control their bloodlust. But Orrin gets a little sidetracked by sexy Krista and her lush bod and sex and bloodshed happens.

The reviews were pretty good across the board for this story so I went in with high hopes but as they say different strokes and all. I didn’t like it much. Maybe I’m just a grouch but it started out telling rather than showing and the heroine just put me off from the get go and I never did warm up to her.

The story zooms in on the danger and the sex and has very little in the way of character or romance development. That’s all fine and good, this is a shortie after all, but then it brings out that worn out old “fated to be” cheat that drives me mad because it has been so overdone. That’s one of my hot buttons. Another is a stupid heroine. And, I’m sorry folks, but any 20-something, confident professional with a fab job who caves in to peer pressure to fit in with people she doesn’t even like just screams insecure and not too bright to me. She wasn’t someone I could get behind, lush bod or no. Accepting a silly dare and visiting a haunted house ALONE, at midnight, without a get-away car and without telling ANYBODY? Well, honey you are just asking for trouble and titillation of the sexual kind. Ok, so maybe I’m guilty of reading too many Black Lace novels but come on. Is this not ninny behavior?

There are some interesting ideas here with the scary space travelling werewolves and the Tracker’s but I would’ve enjoyed it all more if it had been expanded a bit and some of the ideas fleshed out in better detail. Which brings me to the sexy scenes. They weren’t bad, and if you haven’t read a lot of m/m, erotica or super-hot romances then this might do it for you. But I’m the wrong person to ask. I need emotion or at least some kink in order for it to work for me. I had neither here so even those bits were “meh” for me and they were too brief.