Rumble Tumble by Joe R. Lansdale

Rumble Tumble - Joe R. Lansdale

GR Cleanup Read in 2011


Hap and Leonard, the two unlikeliest pair of best buds I’ve ever met in fiction, are back for another violent adventure filled with unexpected twists, lots of blood and gushy gore and enough offensive jokes to offend just about everyone. But that’s why we love ‘em.

Hap’s contemplating getting serious with his girl Brett but is living with Leonard and getting on his last nerve. But before the two can hurt each other, a midget named Red shows up and informs them he was the former pimp of Brett’s grown daughter Tillie who has fallen in with some shifty characters and wants out. Naturally, Hap and Leonard, always ready for violent mayhem, arm up and dive head first into their latest bloody adventure, meeting many new colorful characters, most with a long-winded hilarious story, along the way.

This is a Hap and Leonard novel and if you’ve ever read one you pretty much know you’re in for a lot of laughs and a plot that keeps spinning in directions you couldn’t predict if you tried. This one won’t disappoint. It made me laugh, despite (or because of) its moments of pure lunacy and potty humor, and kept me guessing.