Gravitation, Volume 01 - Maki Murakami, Jamie S. Rich, Ray Yoshimoto, Jake T. Forbes I was a bit confused when I started this one off and I don’t think it was my fault this time around. I was paying attention and focused but the storytelling was all over the place and many of the characters looked so similar it was hard to differentiate who was who. Eventually I figured things out but it took to long to sort it all out.

The main character is an 18 year old wannabe rock star named Shuichi Shindou. He dreams of being a famous pop star and writes terribly cheesy lyrics for his band “Bad Luck”. He and his guitarist think he's a genius. One night he stumbles across a mysterious man who declares his lyrics are shit. Shuichi is forevermore obsessed by this charmer and is determined to find out who he is and starts to insinuate himself into Eiri Yuki’s life. Soon the two are kissing though both vehemently deny liking men. It’s the “gravitation” between the two, you see, it cannot be denied! They're both very pretty though so who am I to cast stones at true lust er love?

Rather like Dee in the yaoi series “Fake”, the older, more experienced love interest here is an arrogant dick. But Dee worked as a love obsession because he had charm, a sense of humor and a wicked grin. His callousness and dickery moves could be forgiven. Angry Eiri has none of these attributes and just comes across as a big old full of himself, sneering dong. He’s nothing but mean to Shuichi who weeps like a little girl throughout the entire book but yet Shuichi keeps coming back for more set downs. It’s a weird dynamic. One I think I’m too old and jaded to sympathize with at this point in my life. Ah well, I already have #2 so I may as well read it before calling it quits here. Eiri can only improve from here, right?