Elegance - Kathleen Tessaro, Elizabeth McGovern I read the abridged audio version of this book. This story is about a thirty-ish woman stuck in a dead end job who is married to a man who has no sex drive and is more interested in decorating their living room (and if you can't see the reason coming a mile away well then you simply haven't read enough Chick Lit books yet).

When she finds an ancient tome entitled Elegance in an old book store it gives her the incentive to dress better and is the beginning of some major changes in her current stale situation.

This book, I guess, was supposed to be a dark comedy but to me it was just plain sad. The heroine's life is rather pathetic and she's a real weepy doormat who is in a lousy situation because of her insecurities and poor choices. I felt sorry for her and cringed at some of the things she thinks, says and does but it was difficult to dredge up a whole lot of sympathy for her. But then again I'm not exactly Ms. Compassion . . .

Also, the narrator reads the book in a sort of depressed monotone which did not help out the material.

In the end, I just did not click with the main character, Louise, on any level. This is a woman who needs some professional help and not simply a hunky younger man to cure everything (cause I'm betting she screws it up sooner rather than later). This woman has a SERIOUS eating disorder that the author doesn't seem to think is a big deal. Bulemia is dangerous and goes far deeper than the simple act of eating and purging. Here it is the solution to eating lots of fattening stuff and staying slim. Or maybe I'm just too darn serious. Either way I didn't find this book a fun experience and won't be re-reading it.