Tempting Miss Prissy - Sharon Ihle On the run from a cruel husband she never wanted, Priscilla Stillbottom ends up in a mining town with little money and no clear plans for the future. When the local saloon announces they're looking for a singer she decides to make her childhood dream of becoming a songstress come true by applying for the job.

She's about the worst singer saloon owner Payton has ever heard but because she's so cute and willing to put her heart into her performance he hires her on a temporary basis. He cooks up an act starring her and his gaseous dog and they turn out to be a surprisingly comical hit with his customers so he decides to keep her around. It's not long before they lose their hearts to each other but Priscilla's past catches up with her and puts their love in jeopardy.

This was a good read; sometimes laugh out loud funny, sometimes silly, with the always poignant love story at the heart of it all. Payton was a caring, easygoing hero who never lied and expected the same of everyone else. Priscilla was a fun heroine who, in order to make a future for herself, was forced to lie about her past. I wasn't thrilled with her dishonesty being the main conflict between the characters but because they were so likable I still enjoyed the book better than most. And Thunder, the dog, was too hilarious for words. If you like tender romances with lots of laughs you'll want to give this one a read.