Change of Heart by Mary Calmes

Change of Heart - Mary Calmes

Jin Rayne is a shifter who was ousted from his pack and everything familiar when he revealed that he was gay and a reah. In the somewhat convoluted universe the author sets up, a reah is an almost mythical creature that is treasured and awed and makes a pack complete and a reah is always female. Because he has boy parts, young Jin’s family declares him an abomination and he spends most of his young adulthood believing it. Now poor Jin has understandably developed some major trust issues and spends his life flitting from place to place with his best friend Crane and evading semels. Semels are pack leaders who have the ability to sense a reah and who can demand Jin becomes their “mate”. Jin has no interest in being anyone’s mate but then, after a hugely long setup, he falls into the path of sexy Logan Church and his days of running may be over for good.

The story is told from Jin’s point of view and I liked Jin a lot. He’s a sweet, beautiful soul with some deeply ingrained fears that come from real pain and betrayal. His past causes him to act rashly and make some not-so-bright moves. Deep down he wants love and a family but he’s unwilling to admit it, even to himself. I felt for Jin and enjoyed his story and his relationship with Logan. The story though? Well, it has its flaws.

The relationship between Logan and Jin is one of those fated, one in a million, "you are meant to be my mate" type of things and though the author does spend some time developing their relationship, much of it is skipped in lieu of the hot, sexy sex and the fated “you are mine” sort of thing. There was also way too much pack drama for my liking. I would have preferred to spend more time with the couple as they became a couple and worked out the kinks in their new pairing then spend another moment watching shifters struggle for power which was exhausting.


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Also, the rules are a bit convoluted and take a day and a half to set up and just when I thought I had it all straight in my brain a major rule was broken and jarred me right the heck out of the story. One of Jin’s reah super-powers was the fact that he was the only shifter who could easily, and at will, change into a werepanther – that elusive creature that is half man and half panther. A big deal is made over this fact numerous times. Otherwise it would’ve never stuck out at me (I’m good at missing stuff like that in my rush to eat a book). But later Logan is able to do it quite easily. What the hey? That made me a little crazy. Don’t make a rule if you’re only going to break it.

With that said, I’d most definitely read this author again, I liked her voice and I’d follow this couple into a sequel.