Mexican Heat by Josh Lanyon & Laura Baumbach (GR Cleanup Project)

Mexican Heat - Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach

Another lost little review that is part my GR Cleanup Project. 


I listened to this story on audio and the narrator was just not suited for this material. It's about drug cartels and tough guys and he's dry, soft-spoken, a bit monotonous, speaks with lots of pauses and "reads" too much of the story instead of acting and his falsetto, OMG, please pass me some cotton for my bleeding ears. I kept picturing a well groomed, sweater vested, sweet little man reading this to me and it was distracting especially when he read the dirty sex bits. I persevered, however, because I enjoy self-torture and the story was pretty good.

Despite my complaints about the narration, I did eventually fall completely into the story between two beautiful men. So much so, that when it ended I was a little sad to leave this couple behind to move on to the next book. To me that is the mark of good storytelling. I'm not a big fan of mob stories and drug cartels but I am a fan of love stories that feel genuine and this was one of the good ones. Somewhere about a third of the way in the story switches gears and really zooms in on the characters so I definitely recommend sticking with it if the blurb puts you off in any way.