A Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker (GR Cleanup Project)

A Ranger's Tale - Mysti Parker

GR Cleanup Project


A Ranger’s Tale is an action packed fantasy set in a world inhabited by magical elves, trolls and goblins in a land called Tallenmere. Caliphany is a beautiful high born elf and the only surviving child of an overprotective wizard who has her entire future mapped out for her. A future spent moldering away inside the stifling walls of the Magic Academy and marrying a man she doesn’t love. She does her best to abide by his wishes but her desire for adventure leads her into the arms of Galadin, a hunky halfling with a nefarious history. Her defiance leads them all into emotional turmoil but what’s the sense of living if you don’t do it with your whole heart?

This was a fast moving romp of a read with a nice mix of adventure and romance. It was written in first person with alternating chapters told from the point of view of Caliphany, Galadin and another character named Jayden. This format helped me to get to know each key character and their motivations pretty well but it also held me at an emotional distance at crucial times. There were several scenes that should have been emotionally devastating but they just missed the mark and didn’t give me that achy angsty punch to the gut. You know that feeling when your chest tightens up and you stop breathing as you try desperately to hold it together? Yeah, none of that happened here and it should have. I felt as if there was a slight glossing over, a holding back, of emotional pain after the fallout from several “events”. I’m a pain whore I suppose but this book could have been amazing with just a bit more focus on these emotions. I’m not sure if it was the 1st person POV causing this reaction or just the stepping away from the pain and moving along of the story. Maybe I’m just dead inside.

With that said the story was very readable and had some nice sexual tension going in the first half. Though the characters are tortured and impulsive (especially Caliphany) there are moments of humor and I’d be interested to see what this author comes up with in the future.