Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by Bert Murray (GR Cleanup)

Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled - Bert Murray

GR Cleanup. Originally read in September 2011.


I’m unfortunately going to have to mark this one as a DNF. I’m at the halfway point and it just isn’t working for me. The writing is breezy but I’m not finding any of the characters engaging enough to continue and I'm getting increasingly frustrated at the fact that although Jasmine is stunningly gorgeous there is very little to love about her personality. Also, though it is set in the 80’s, the characters feel more like they belong in the 70’s. As a child of the 80's I was expecting something else. I imagine this would be a fun read for those interested in reliving their freewheeling college days through the eyes of a young guy experiencing the ups and downs of his first deep love affair with a troubled, moody girl. The author captures all of the angst and drama and silly fights of young lusty love but as I have a kid going through the similar ups and downs (and driving me crazy in the process) I’m finding the combination of real life/fictional life drama just too exhausting. I’ve tried countless times but I guess it’s another book that just wasn’t meant for me at this point in my life.