Chimichanga by Eric Powell

Chimichanga - Eric Powell

Gr Cleanup. Originally read in Sept. 2011.


This is a quirky comic about a bearded little girl with chubby legs named Lula. She’s shown on the opening pages with her entire hand clasping onto the pinky finger of her beast. Completely adorable.

On her way home from purchasing a chimichanga, Lula is stopped by a grizzly, gaseous old woman who wants a snippet of her whiskers for nefarious reasons. Lula, being no easy mark, demands a pretty “rock” and a wagon in exchange, then allows the witch to snip off a few whiskers and happily skips away with her bounty. The witch stirs up her potion, drinks it up and doesn’t get her wish but her gas problem goes away!

Lula returns home to the carny and the rock hatches. Out pops a big, hairy, muscular beast with a protruding eyeball that she lovingly names Chimi after he munches her dinner. The drawings are colorful and silly fun and the story takes a lot pokes at carny life and big pharma as Dasmar the Witch attempts to sell her gas relieving miracle potion to an all-powerful pharmaceutical company and puts Lula in peril.

My favorite bit was the carny attempting to lure in two homely young marks with her “. . . amazing two-eyed goat!” The serious scowl on that goats face just cracked me up. The carnival attractions are less than impressive, to say the least, and they are struggling to survive. Instead of the strong man they have “Randy! The man with the strength of a slightly larger man.” He can fight his way out of a wet paper bag and open pickle jars with his bare hands. Needless to say, when they get a load of Chimi their lives are about to change. Jealousy, greed and treachery ensue and Lula and Chimi are caught in the middle.

Chimichanga is odd, a little heart-warming, a bit crazed and a must read for carny fans young and old(er). Trust me; it’s a much better way to spend your time (and cashola) than visiting a real travelling carnival!