Capture the Rainbow (Loveswept) - Iris Johansen This is an older style romance written back when it was acceptable for a virginal woman to hop into bed with a bossy unlikable alpha man she's just met because he looks sexy.

Don't ask me for names, you don't need 'em. I read this on audio and they have already escaped my mind. He's an arrogant movie producer. She works as a stunt woman. From the moment he sees her he decides she's a starlet who will slut herself out to get a plum role. He always gets what he wants and he wants her bad . . .

She's taken a pain killer and had some champagne so I suppose you could say her thinking was slightly impaired but before they barely have a conversation (he basically bosses her around and insults her) she is driving off with him to his "castle" where she gives him her virginity.

Sorry, but she wasn't impaired enough for me to buy into this and if she was it makes him an even bigger creep.

I finished this book even though it did nothing but annoy me. The heroine keeps her "big secret" (which isn't really) from the "hero" in an attempt to keep her independence. I thought this was a silly plot ploy to keep them apart for a few more pages. It didn't help that we never even get to meet the heroine's brother who is a big part of her motivation for the things she does.

And did I mention all of the talking during the sex scenes? If the author isn't waxing poetic and moving mountains & describing rainbows, she has the hero spouting sickeningly sweet nothings to the heroine about her glorious bod. At one point she tells him to shut up and get to work and I had to laugh because I was thinking the same thing.

I could complain about this book for hours but I have to get some work done. If I had it to do over again, I'd read something else.